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George Clinton Celebrates 40 Years with Deluxe 'Chocolate City: London' Record Store Day Release

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One weekend in 2014, the P-Funk genius George Clinton took residence at the legendary Metropolis Studios in West London. The contribution he has made to pop and funk culture is exceptional and states the obvious. As energized and inspirational as he was in 1955 with his first band, Parliament, to this day he retains an almost mythical quality – it’s no surprise that he is a living inspiration to a new generation, such as Kendrick Lamar as he was to Prince decades ago.

But for one weekend, this was the mother of all Mothership Connections – past and present. A wide ride inside the mind and music of George Clinton, the influences and inspirations behind Parliament-Funkadelic’s most iconic songs, the P-Funk legend performed an intimate show in front of 100 fans with numerous veterans of the classic line up, alongside very special guest Joss Stone. The result being Chocolate City: London, which pays homage to the seminal 1975 album, which is released Record Store day on Saturday April 18 on Metropolis Recordings.

The deluxe multi format box set created in the style of a classic box of quality chocolates features limited edition milk chocolate and white chocolate marbled live vinyl – the highest possible quality form of recording there is, cut the day after the live show in Metropolis’ infamous Studio – an ultimate treat for funk loving audiophiles.

You will be able to see George Clinton live this Summer at his Glastonbury performance as The Mothership Returns with himself, Parliament-Funkadelic and the Family Stone.


Boxset Catalogue Numbers

Boxset Cat No. MR1504

2 x CD (full live concert) Cat No. MR1501

1 x DVD (full live concert, live vinyl cut, interviews) Cat No. MR1502

2 x 12” vinyl Cat No. MR1503

Track Listing


1. I Wanna Know If It’s Good To You / You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks (8:24)

2. I’ll Bet You (5:00)

3. Stuffs And Things (4:40)

4. Red Hot Mama (8:42)

5. Atomic Dog (6:44)

6. Friday Night August 14th (feat. Joss Stone) (5:31)

7. Crazy (8:03)

8. Hit The Bag / Bounce 2 This (14:00)

9. We Want The Funk (5:11)

10. Gagagaga Chant / Up For The Down Stroke (5:32)

11. Mr. Wiggles (8:53)

12. One Nation Under A Groove (13:16)

13. Maggot Brain (12:29)

14. (Not Just) Knee Deep (17:21)

15. Alice Is My Fantasy (8:48)

Live Vinyl Cut

SIDE A (9:14)

1. Friday Night August 14th (feat. Joss Stone)

2. Crazy

SIDE B (10:42)

3. Hit The Bag / Bounce 2 This

SIDE C (5:41)

4. Red Hot Mama

SIDE D (8:27)

5. Cosmic Slop

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