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Earache Records Revamp Website After 23 Years

Pioneering British independent record label Earache has launched its brand-new website, giving it its first full refresh since its original launch in 1995. The website serves to celebrate all that Earache has achieved over the years; from humble independent record label to international rock powerhouse with stages at Glastonbury Festival and indeed forthcoming at the 2018 Boomtown Fair.

 “Earache is a genre-defining, future-thinking, wholly independent rights-based entertainment company. Founded by owner/Managing Director Digby ‘Dig‘ Pearson, the company remains privately owned and fiercely independent. Technology sits at the heart of our business. We do things differently and we answer to no-one.

Boasting the first independent record label deal with Apple/iTunes, no less than two Guinness World Records and a global footprint with offices in London, Nottingham (HQ), New York and Germany. Earache continues to deliver outstanding results for its artists by staying one step ahead of the curve.

Earache Records is where it all began. Initially focussed on avant-garde experimental guitar music, Earache Records is now a global guitar music specialist creating career artists. Launched in 2017, our live/festivals division is now a trusted partner for both Glastonbury Festival and Boomtown. We curate world-class bills of artists that carry a message and resonate.”

See the site in all its glory at 

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