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Hungarian Experimental Progressive Rock From Ajna

Regular readers will already know that Finland’s Inverse Records are the most interesting rock/metal label out there. You’ll also know that they should be your first port of call if you are into Hungarian experimental progressive rock. And if you’re not already into Hungarian experimental progressive rock, then you should correct that immediately. After Angertea, Guruzsmas, and Ghost Toast, Inverse bring us Ajna.

Ajna is set to release their debut album, Rengeteg, on April 9th. The band comments comments: "We can't describe our style and it's good. All three of us are inspired by different musical backgrounds and these inspirations take just a small part of our music. We don't listen bands like us or who have similar themes to ours so we can only go after our own head while making a song. We make our own music."

Ajna is an instrumental trio from a village called Kondoros, Hungary. The band's core was set up around 1999 but Ajna itself was founded in Kondoros in 2010 after the bassist came in to the band and with this the formation was complete.


1. Rengeteg

2. B’

3. Eta Carinae

4. Spirál

5. Nyergelt táltos kancacsikók

6. Hekate

7. Turba

8. Seiran

9. Zsuzsi mozog



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