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Marky Edison

Marky Edison

Moaning Fall In Love

LA's Moaning have shared a video for ‘Fall in Love’, the latest from their forthcoming album, Uneasy Laughter, which is due March 20 via Sub Pop. The video was animated and directed by Moaning's own Sean Solomon. Of the song and video, Solomon says "People my age are skeptical of love because we see how many previous generations got divorced or went through painful experiences. The song is about being afraid to fall in love because of expecting heartbreak. It's about hating yourself too much to open yourself up to someone else. It's a bummer of a song lyrically but it's pretty fun to dance to!

I made the music video in my bedroom a couple weeks ago. It's a psychedelic depiction of an imaginary romance. It's inspired by early experimental animations like Belladonna of Sadness and Heavy Metal. Both the song and the video are perfect for everyone feeling like shit this Valentine's Day."

Vocalist/guitarist Sean Solomon, bassist/keyboardist Pascal Stevenson and drummer Andrew MacKelvie have been friends and co-conspirators amid the fertile L.A. DIY scene for more than a decade. They are also immersed in other mediums and creative pursuits - Solomon is a noted illustrator, art director and animator, while Stevenson and MacKelvie have played or worked behind the boards with acts such as Cherry Glazerr, SASAMI and Surf Curse. On Uneasy Laughter, they've tackled challenges both personal and universal the only way they know how: by talking about how they're feeling and channeling those emotions directly into their music.

"We've known each other forever and we're really comfortable trying to express where we're at. A lot of bands aren't so close," says MacKelvie. Adds Solomon, who celebrated a year of sobriety during the Uneasy Laugher sessions, "Men are conditioned not to be vulnerable or admit they're wrong. But I wanted to talk openly about my feelings and mistakes I've made."

"We want to be part of a community," he adds. "I wrote online about being sober for a year, and I had kids from all over writing and asking for advice. One of them said, 'For the first time I can remember, I didn't drink last night.' I thought, for once, maybe we did something besides sell a record. That's a win. That's incredibly exciting."

Uneasy Laughter track list:

1. Ego

2. Make It Stop

3. ///

4. Stranger

5. Running

6. Connect the Dots

7. Fall in Love

8. Coincidence or Fate

9. What Separates Us

10. //////////

11. Keep Out

12. Saving Face

13. Say Something



The Night Flight Orchestra Release 'Transmissions'


While waiting for the official departure of Aeromantic, the new album of Swedish AOR superstars The Night Flight Orchestra on February 28, the band has released the new single and music video for 'Transmissions.'

The single was produced and recorded by the band and Thomas Plec Johansson, featuring guest star Rachel Hall on epic violin. The music video was produced by René U Valdes and features dancer extraordinaire Ella Snellman.

On the new single, the band comments: "Did you know that every move you make is caused by the brain sending electrical nerve impulses to your limbs? And that every time someone touches you, electrical currents send news about this sensation to your brain? And this, the electricity and magic that you experience when you are truly touched by another human being is what 'Transmissions', the new single and video by The Night Flight Orchestra, is all about, and how that electrical charge is captured and stored somewhere inside you, changing you forever." 'Transmissions' is the second single from The Night Flight Orchestra 's upcoming album.

The Night Flight Orchestra Live:

06.03.              UK        London - Islington Assembly Hall

06.08.              UK        Derby - Bloodstock Open Air



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