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Marky Edison

Marky Edison

Turboweekend Bassist Evolves Into Mr.Koifish

Mr. Koifish is Morten Køie’s new band. You might remember Morten from Danish Band, Turboweekend, where he brought a smile and a raised eyebrow to a packed festival or concert hall on his bass. Now he’s going to show you his new vibe with songs written during the Turboweekend years and produced by Hot Gills with a new collective of musicians, family and friends.

The first single is titled ‘The End’, and it’s all about new beginnings, about leaving the past behind and embracing the future head on with energy and a light-hearted enthusiasm. Morten is joined on vocals by his wife, Sofie Hannibal, who was pregnant with their first child at the time of the recording. This heartfelt and honest duet sets a tone of hope for new life and a love of change.

Morten says: “Mr. Koifish is the place where I can fit all my inspirations, personality and my sweet friends in music into one big family of sounds. And in this track I pay homage to my great love of trip-hop and I also indulge myself with a nice big helping of auto-tune too. Let’s have some fun!”




Jazzboy Unveils Video for Jesus Jazz

Currently based in Paris, avant-pop writer and producer Jazzboy likes to blur the line. Playing his first ever solo show in an illegal art space in NYC where he played ‘Jesus Jazz’ to the crowd while covered in fake blood, the French artist fell in love with New York's underground scene and keeps flying over back and forth for more.

Jazzboy seems to enjoy every single part of the making of his art. While directing weird, yet viciously pop music videos around the globe seems to be his take on some kind of new internet cinema, the futuristic (and hectic) theatrical ‘Jazzodrome’ parties he regularly throws in Paris blend live performance with art installations. Producing forward-looking pop music in his tiny bedroom studio filled with odd broken gear and Matrix-like screens is ultimately what forms his very own world between pop music and avant-garde culture.

Jazzboy's debut effort Jesus Jazz stands out as something special, somewhere between an album, an EP and something different. “I crafted Jesus Jazz like a children’s book really. It’s not that long, not that short. It’s an imaged night tale with simple ideas of happiness, awakening, freedom and death. It asks simple questions without formulating any answers. I actually genuinely wish it is children-friendly in a way, like a modern digital tale or so.”




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