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Marky Edison

Marky Edison

The Undertones Singles Box Set

On Record Store Day (April 21), BMG will release The Undertones – Singles, a 13 x 7” vinyl box set featuring every single released by the band between 1978-1983. Currently commemorating the 40th anniversary of their classic debut single, ‘Teenage Kicks’, The Undertones are one of the best bands to have come out of Northern Ireland. Taking youth adoration from glam-rock and giving it the stripped-down simplicity and energy of punk, the band created 3-minute punk-pop gems that sound as vital today as they did 40 years ago.

The Undertones – Singles features such memorable songs as ‘Teenage Kicks’, ‘Jimmy Jimmy’, ‘Here Comes The Summer’ and ‘My Perfect Cousin’, all cut from original analogue tape transfers on 40g vinyl and includes the original single artwork replicated, a ‘Teenage Kicks’ original poster single and additional poster with photos and notes by The Undertones along with track by track comments from bassist Michael Bradley.

"The collective attitude of The Undertones to the magical power and influence of the humble 45rpm 7” single was always one of total reverence and respect. It really did matter. Back then in our Undertone world, a great single was even more important than the LP it helped promote and getting on Top of the Pops was the ultimate accolade that we were doing it right. And if you didn’t make it on TOTP, then there was always the next single,” says guitarist Damian O’Neill. “Listening again to these 13 A and B sides, I hear a great pop group who tried their best to be true to themselves and ultimately didn’t disappoint."


Single 1:

A. ‘Teenage Kicks / ‘Smarter Than You’ B. ‘True Confessions’ / ‘Emergency Cases’

Single 2:

A. ‘Get Over You’ B. ‘Really Really’ / ‘She Can Only Say No’

Single 3:

A. ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ B. ‘Mars Bars’

Single 4:

A. ‘Here Comes The Summer’ B. ‘One Way Love’ / ‘Top Twenty’          

Single 5:

A. ‘You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It!)’ B. ‘Let’s Talk About Girls’

Single 6:

A. ‘My Perfect Cousin’ B. ‘Hard Luck Again!’ / ‘I Don’t Wanna See (You Again)’

Single 7:

A. ‘Wednesday Week’ B. ‘Told You So’

Single 8:

A. ‘It’s Going To Happen!’ B. ‘Fairly In The Money Now’

Single 9:

A. ‘Julie Ocean’ B. ‘Kiss In The Dark’                     

Single 10:

A. ‘Beautiful Friend’ B. ‘Life’s Too Easy’

Single 11:

A. ‘The Love Parade’ B. ‘Like That’                         

Single 12:

A. ‘Got To Have You Back’ B. ‘Turning Blue’

Single 13:

A. ‘Chain Of Love’ B. ‘Window Shopping For New Clothes’



Finnish Dark Metallers MKL Release New Single

There’s no dark metal like Finnish dark metal. Mustan Kuun Lapset are back with their unique blend of melody and heavy riffing.

The new single presents the band's new drummer Kalle Takalo. Kalle joined  after the original drummer Mikko Hautala stepped aside in Spring 2017. Musically, 'Ikaros' continues along the path that the previous album, Saatto (2017), started and also gives a hint about the direction that the band is heading.

Lyrical, themes revolve around death and the desperation of life. It might be impossible to prevent that the higher you aim to achieve, the harder you will finally fall.




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