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The Nest Announce Ad Astra

The Nest is an atmospheric alternative rock band from Southern Finland. Their moody music explores the sacredness of nature, life and death, love and mystery. The singer and keyboard player, Sally Armbrecht, is originally from the US.

Both the bass player, Markus Lehtinen, and the drummer, Tuomas Villikka, hail from Finland, and it is this interesting collision of culture and musical tastes that makes The Nest’s sound unique.

The music relies on a contraposition of heavy bass and drums with soaring female vocals and poetic lyrics. Influences are from bands as diverse as NIN, Dead Can Dance, Jefferson Airplane, Florence and The Machine, and The Doors.


01. Tena Timetraveller

02. River Mnemosyne

03. Nevermore

04. We All Bleed Red

05. Koski Listener

06. The Watcher

07. DeathClock

08. This House Breathes Fear



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