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Dreamers Share New Single

Cosmic indie three-piece Dreamers have released their new single, ‘Desensitize’ alongside a dystopian video. The video for the grunge-psychedelic banger takes the group through late-night city streets and within an abandoned home. The augmented effects paired up with powerful lyrics lead fans into a thought-provoking realisation of the aspects of life that they so commonly look over.

Lead singer Nick Wold explains the track stating, "The song is about all the crazy and horrible things in the world that we somehow get used to and even forget about. Lying, thieving political leaders, rape, war and violence, advertisers constantly selling to us, preying on our vanity and worst instincts. In this song, I’m not always singing as me but as a corporate moneyed interest who wants nothing more than for you to acclimate, to not notice, to desensitize."

Dreamers demand accountability from a society that regularly sugar coats the negatives in today's world. The hard-hitting lyrics, which grapple with the political landscape, self-realisation and more, are sung over a fiery guitar riff that emphasises society's need for us to ‘desensitize’.



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