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NORÐ Present Debut EP


Originally formed by members from Denmark, Faroe Islands and Iceland, NORРbegan life in 2013 in Odense, Denmark. The band plays melodic progressive metalrock, powered by high octane energy and melancholic soundscapes. A unique style of heavy music with references to many different bands and genres and a dystopic lyrical universe about the human decadence.

NORÐ reflects the nordic feeling with their combination of dreamy melodies, tight riffing and headbanger breaks. Within a year the first set was written and the band started playing live gigs. The crowd really embraced the music from the very beginning and recorded material was in demand.

In 2016 the recording of the debut EP Alpha began at Molten Rock Studio in Odense with Jesper Egeskov Sommerby. By the time the single 'Rosehip Garden' hit the internet in December 2016 there was immediate international interest and the single received airplay in United States, Australia, Spain and other countries. Alpha will be released digitally on March 3rd 2017 via Inverse Records.


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