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Die Hard Christmas Snow Globe Single

Yes, you read that correctly! Edinburgh indie label Song, By Toad release ‘Yippie Kay Yule’, their “Die Hard Christmas Charity Single”.

It’s a double A-side Christmas single with Jonnie Common and eagleowl featuring two songs based around the plot of The Greatest Christmas Story Ever ToldTM.

And, of course, they're releasing it as a hand-made snow globe containing Lego John McClane. And why not?!

With it being the season of good will and all that, the proceeds are going to good causes; “Because we have all (except Canada) voted in a bunch of callous, self-interested idiots we are using all the revenue generated to support charities which do the work our governments should be doing like provide support for refugees, migrants, those suffering from physical disability or mental illness and victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.”

Ho Ho Ho!

Stream or download the songs here []

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