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Franklin Fest 2015 - Edinburgh's Summer Garage Punk Extravaganza


With little over two months to go there’s still a window of time left within which to sort yourselves out with tickets to the hottest garage punk, beat and rock ‘n’ roll event to take place in Edinburgh for many a year.

The Franklin Rock ‘N’ Roll Club’s inaugural Franklin Fest will see some of the UK’s finest exponents of the genre both old (The Thanes, The Masonics, The Widebeests and more) and new (Ferriday's Fireballs, Sally Skull, The Baron Four, The Shook Ups) over the course of the first weekend of July in the Franklin Cricket Club on the city’s Leith Links.

Tickets cost a staggeringly paltry £30.80 (£28 + £2.80 booking fee) and can be obtained here or contact the organisers here for £15 Friday & Saturday day tickets.  

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