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Franklin Fest 2017 Interview - Los Coyote Men

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Up next... I had the great privilege of chatting to international heartthrob and Sultan of the Squared Circle, Sir Randy "Captain Dynamite" Hornocker of Los Coyote Men

RH: Ah Ms. Sheringham, I've been expecting you. Sit yourself down kick off your shoes. You're in the company of Randy "Captain Dynamite" Hornocker of thee fabulous Coyote Men!

DS: Can I call you Randy?

RH: You can call me Randy.

DS: Randy, could you give (for those who are not in the know) a brief history of Thee Fabulous Coyote Men?

RH: The Mighty Masked Marvels of Moron-o-phonic Mayhem have a long and un-illustrious past as thee first All Rockin' Lucha Libre Rock 'n' Roll Grapplin' Garage Punk Combo™ spanning some 20 odd years with the distinction of NEVER completing a single year without splitting up! Using my colossal cranium I deduce that if we base the career of the band purely on the time we have spent as an active concern, we have toured extensively throughout Europe/Canada/The US of A and released 5 albums and a baker's dozen of 45's all in the space of 3 months...'n' that's a scientific fact.

DS: Wow, that's pretty impressive! and of course you had a few releases on Estrus during their heyday - that must have been pretty exciting?

RH: Exciting? It was a dream come true... for Estrus!!! Mr. Mono Man the master of mullet Davey Crider flew himself to England with the sole purpose of gettin' his hands on the John Hancocks of myself, Randy "Captain Dyn-o-mite" Hornocker a.k.a. Thee Grand Poobah of the Electrical Geetar and Helmut "The Bruiser" Von Schoen, going as far as to threatened to burn down the Estrus empire if we didn't join the Bellingham big boys on his fine roster of rock. Dave treated Los Coyotes real nice and flew us out to the Garage Shock fest and arranged a U S of A tour, so Los Coyote Men repaid him by recording a tribute to Captain Crider in the form of our Dull City Records hit 45 'Mullet Man', what can i say, we've got a collective heart of gold.

DS: Indeed. I saw you play recently in Newcastle supporting King Salami & The Cumberland Three, that was a pretty wild night..

RH: Oh yeah Prince Saveloy and the Hot Dog Trio, that was the first time back in action for Los Fabulous Coyote Men 'n' the first with new bassonist "Slapsey" Maxie Rosenbloom II, so I mark that one an "A-" for rockability on behalf of Thee Sultans of The Squared Circle.

DS: And since you're playing at the Franklin Fest next weekend, what can the punters look forward to? Is this the first time in Scotland for Los Coyote Men?

RH: As you'll witness at the Franklin Fest, Debs, I can call you Debs can't I? Scotland was the first place to take Los Coyote Men to it's deep fried heart. In fact Edinburgh's swingin' spot The Cas Rock Club (R.I.P.) was the scene of the second Coyote Men show and the last appearance of "Slapsey" Maxie I. He shuffled off this mortal coil in a car park on the journey home from the show. Doctor's said they'd never seen a case like it and that he'd died of shame. I myself, Sir Randolph Hornocker, have had many a great time spreading the sports/rock entertainment live spectacle to Los Coyotes tartan horde and categorically deny the frankly absurd rumour that I was once thrown headfirst through two sets of doors into the street and banned from playing with Los Coyotes...lies damn lies!

DS: Okay, so a night of mayhem is pretty likely! I look forward to seeing your interactions with Franklin Rock ‘n’ Roll Club’s cartwheeling barmaid Brenda...

RH: Yeah word on the wire is Brenda's a live one! Scotland will be receiving the usual Coyote Men all out organised chaos no more no less as Thee Greatest Four Man Rock 'n' Roll Wrestlin' Combo only have two speeds 'n' thats "Goin' 'n' Gone"! We be sittin' on a mountain of top of the pops tunes so maybe there'll be a 12" headin' your way soon but 'til then there's a brand new 7" out on FOLC Records in Spain that's crazy limited to 250 copies in four different hand screen printed sleeves featuring individual shots of each fantastic member of Los Coyotes (Obviously there's an extra few copies of the one featurin' the ladies choice The Randster!). Hey, Deb are you sure you haven't kicked off your shoes? There's a funny smell about...

You can catch Randy and the phenominal Los Coyote Men on the Saturday evening of the Franklin Fest, details here. Further details of the band can be found here

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