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All The Colours Want To Tear It Down

Tear It Down is the new single from Melbourne band All The Colours. Produced by Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear it is the third single from their upcoming record, Vol. 3. “The song is about the impending doom of society, how if we don’t change things soon and break down some of our current systems we will descend into chaos.” Singer Joshua Moriarty says. “I’m a bit of a pessimist in my darker moments and this song was a way for me to express those feelings. I’m definitely as guilty as the next person of propagating a flawed system but I think writing songs in this vein is a way to make myself culpable and force myself to actually practice what I preach”.

Vol. 3 is an ode to 90s alternative rock that inspired the members of All The Colours in their formative years, a grunge aesthetic for a new decade and a fresh take on what they grew up influenced by. “Each record we have made has had a different focus, a different set of influences at it’s core and Vol. 3 is definitely our tribute to the 90s, an era we will always cherish.”

Tear It Down is a classic four chord alt-rock soft verse and heavy chorus anthem, taking themes from Pixies and Nirvana and realising them through the lens of the modern era. Chis Taylor adds his production prowess, knowing when to let things get dangerous and unhinged and when to let the song sparkle and shine. '

All The Colours have self-funded three records so far which has lead to supporting Eagles Of Death Metal around Australia. Bassist, keys and vocalist Joshua Moriarty was a member of Miami Horror for 10 years and toured everywhere with that band having played Coachella and a load of other festivals but now his focus is solely All The Colours, he is taking a break from Miami Horror and they are continuing to perform without him. He has also collaborated over the years as a songwriter with Grizzly Bear, Neon Indian, Jet, Kimbra, Dhani Harrison, Mayer Hawthorne plus he’s recently interviewed the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Reggie Watts and Devo for his ‘The Bottom Of It’ podcast.



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