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Nothing Matters to Chuck Now



Chuck is the music of Charles Griffin Gibson, an award-winning East Coast-raised American filmmaker living and working in Oslo, Norway. By day he edits documentary films, by night he writes and self-records DIY singer-songwriter oddities. He debuted with the Frog-produced Let’s Make Out EP before debuting for Audio Antihero (Frog / Magana / Nosferatu D2 / Cloud) with the My Band Is A Computer career retrospective. His last album was 2017’s Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery Store, but in 2024 Chuck has begun to hear the call of the unreleased and obscure songs in his catalogue. The bitter and breezy indie pop of ‘Nothing Matters to Me Now’ is the first in a series of releases.


Chuck says of the new release, “I had a demo of the competing-synth-melody chorus for maybe five years before I was able to actually build the whole song out. And it's been another five years since I did that, so now when I hear it it's like I'm listening to someone else's music. From a production standpoint there's probably too many elements in the mix, but damn I still love that chorus and am glad I hung on to it. It's simultaneously sad, manic, stupid, and fun. It's exploding and overwhelming you musically while the singer mutters something hopeless to himself. I love the contrast there. I think the lyrics were a reaction to the 2016 US presidential election, but I read them now as more of a self-hate letter to the worst sides of myself.  This is one of many unreleased songs I'm compiling in a new Chuck release later this year with the lovely, patient and passionate Jamie at Audio Antihero.”


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