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Bedbug Announce Album Number Four Featured


The Los Angeles-based Bedbug have announced their fourth full-length album, pack your bags, the sun is growing, for March 15. Released through Boston’s Disposable America label, this will be their first album in nearly four years, and their first material of any kind since 2022’s self-titled EP.

Bedbug is the evolving project of Dylan Gamez Citron (they/them), which has grown from a solo project in Boston, MA (comprised of Casio synths, loop pedals, and cassette tapes) to a full-fledged indie rock band. They debuted in 2016 with if i got smaller grew wings and flew away for good (released through the cult favorite Z Tapes cassette label) which earned significant acclaim and became something of a Bandcamp DIY classic.

Citron’s fledgling efforts impressed Run For Cover Records who then released Bedbug’s i’ll count to heaven in years without seasons (2018) and life like moving pictures (2020) via their Joy Void imprint. This period saw Bedbug continue to reach new fans through gorgeous write-ups from top outlets all across the world, and live performances with the likes of Japanese Breakfast, Grouper, Lomelda, Snail Mail, Strange Ranger, yourarmsaremycocoon, and Frog.

This will be their first LP to be recorded in a studio and to feature a full band, this iteration of Bedbug has a new urgency, offering an unashamed love letter to indie rock greats like Built to Spill, Cap'n Jazz, Modest Mouse, and Broken Social Scene, whilst preserving the lo-fi energy and bedroom pop heart of their previous works. Conceptually, the album is kaleidoscopic, blending confessional lyricism with surrealist storytelling. It is available now for pre-order and the lead single, ‘halo on the interstate’, is out now.


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