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Quiet Marauder Ask What Happened To Science

Ahead of the release of their third album for Bubblewrap Collective, The Crack And What It Meant, Quiet Marauder are unveiling the LP’s second single, ‘What Happened To Science?’ Narratively conceptual, the wider album describes the emergence of a ‘Crack’ in time and space in the rural suburbs of Kent and the subsequent social panics, economic posturing, divisional blame games and global belief systems that arrive as a consequence. 

Narrated by the deep drawl of Mathias Kom (The Burning Hell), the album’s 30 tracks veer between short War Of The Worlds synthscapes, pop-folk balladry, post-ironic show tunes and shuffling indie-rock; all tied together by the multiple underlying storylines. These include the death (and rebirth) of science, mass media antagonists, the ambivalent progress of global capitalism, the opening (and closure) of the Crack’s Costa Coffee franchise and the rise (and fall) of tramp-turned-soothsayer Daniel alongside his burgeoning, prospering belief system.

‘What Happened To Science?’ reflects the growing public distrust of science and expertise following the uncovering of the ‘Crack’, proliferating wildly in the hashtag-focussed forum of social media. With blame being directed at scientists for not predicting the miraculous phenomenon, its funding routes and expositors come under increasing scrutiny and criticism. Intertwining the high-concepts and broad instrumentation of Arcade Fire, with the warm, spiky melodicism of The Wave Pictures and the wide-eyed, quick-witted lyricism of Vivian Stanshall; the single is out now. 

Tour dates with The Burning Hell

June 24th – Cardiff – Tiny Rebel

June 25th – Brighton – Hope and Ruin

June 26th - Nottingham - Albert's

June 27th – Manchester – The Deaf Institute

June 28th – Bristol – The Louisiana

June 30th – London – The Lexington



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