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The Dandy Warhols Announce New Single Ahead of UK Tour and Album

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The Dandy Warhols are streaming their second single 'STYGGO' from their forthcoming album Distortland.

‘STYGGO’ is explained by vocalist/guitarist Courtney Taylor-Taylor as: "The world is full of corporate billionaire scumbags who pollute the earth, kill wildlife, cause cancer, secretly running nations into the ground, and the moronic masses who just agree with their mindless slogans and will never fight the good fight to help to stop them, until finally the last blistered blind three armed mutant dregs of humanity eat each other's putrid flesh in mankind's final nauseating death throws. Some Things You Gotta Get Over."

You can check out ‘STYGGO’ now below:

New album Distortland will be released on Friday April 8 and was first recorded in Courtney's basement on an 80s cassette recorder with the band putting on the finishing touches in a studio.

On the end result of the album Courtney said that it is "organized like a pop record but still has the sonic garbage still in there."

The band will also be heading out on a UK tour this May with London's show at the Electric Ballroom having already sold out. 

UK May Tour:
20th    Bristol  O2 Academy, Bristol 
21st    Electric Ballroom, London *SOLD OUT*
22nd   Southampton, Engine Rooms  
23rd    Nottingham, Rescue Rooms  
24th    Newcastle Upon Tyne, University Of Northumbria  
26th    Glasgow, The Art School  
27th    Belfast, Northern Ireland  
28th    Dublin, The Academy Dublin  
29th    Liverpool Sound City  

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