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Betsy premieres video for new single, 'Waiting'

Down below this text there’s a video. Do yourself a favour and press play. Your day will be made by this woman with an incredible voice, singing a self-penned song that sounds like it came from the notebooks of Bacharach & David. Fun and playful, even when singing of serious topics, get Betsy into your ear canal.

Betsy is now putting the finishing touches to her debut album, which will dig deeper into her unlikely musical background. She was born on a goose farm in rural Wales, finding her voice from campfire sing-alongs and the local eisteddfod (where she boldly covered Rage Against The Machine) to the powerhouse vocalists within her parents’ vintage record collection.

Keen to pursue a career in music she was encouraged by her hard-working family to find a fall-back, and moved to London to study fashion design at Central St Martins. One distraction led to another when Betsy was invited to design catwalk for the esteemed Balenciaga in Paris: an intense, exhilarating experience filled with fascinating characters, but one that ultimately ate into her songwriting.

And so Betsy returned to Wales, swapping what many of her peers deemed the job of a lifetime for a grotty caravan in her brother’s garden (which you can glimpse across much of her artwork). Soon, there was no stopping her – Betsy furiously set about making music again, teaching herself the art of GarageBand and essentially challenging herself to write her way out of the caravan.

People got an early glimpse via a collaboration with Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, who reworked Betsy’s early solo demo of ‘Endless Love’ into the pair’s acclaimed single. The caravan’s door was then firmly kicked down in 2016, with acclaimed early singles 'Fair', 'Lost & Found' and 'Wanted More'. Blowing up vulnerable, intimate moments into widescreen and empowering pop, 'Waiting' confirms Betsy as one of the year's stand-out new voices.


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