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Yellowcard - Yellowcard

  • Written by  Zoe Wallbank

After announcing that the band were going their separate ways in June after 19 years of being together; Yellowcard’s last ever album, is a heartfelt goodbye, to fans, to the industry and to each other.

It seems clear that although they have enjoyed their time as a band they are ready to move on; with thankful yet slightly defeated lyrics such as, “I think we were lucky to stay alive” it’s easy to see why they made the decision to call it quits.  

The track listing shows their journey of deciding to quit and accepting it from being disheartened by the industry, hurt, angry and then acceptance and peace. With ‘Rest in Peace’ the opening track summarising this into a final goodbye, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. 

They show their frustration throughout the album with ‘Got Yours’ stating that they have been “building a tower to watch them come back down”. The most prominent example of their goodbye to the industry is 'Empty Streets' with lyrics stating: 

“Their spirit has died” due to “running my whole life to reach this place//just when I arrive the moment fades” and “It all gets ripped away”. 

‘Saviour robes’, portrays their anger stage with bitter lyrics that pack a punch:you got my heart and turned it black but now it’s beating and I’m taking it back from you”, this could just as easily have been aimed at an ex however hints such as references to the rat race and “still feel that I need to give you thanks” suggest that is aimed at someone within the industry they feel did them wrong. 

The album’s final track ‘Fields and Fences’ is the perfect closer and goodbye message. Almost a love song to Tennessee which, shows them making peace with their decision “I got used to being the star of the show//but I’ve seen lights come and go” and even excitement towards going home and what comes next “looking for something to awake my soul”. 

With such an important theme of the album some tracks can seem similar particularly as a lot of the tracks have long instrumental openings. Yet, by adding subtle genre influences in different tracks i.e. ‘I’m a wrecking ball’ has indie folk vibes, which breaks up the album without straying from the theme or changing the tone. 

Yellowcard is available via Amazon & iTunes.

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