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Single That Mingle 


With Captain Stavros

Sir Chloe




I Am The Dog out May 19 via Atlantic Records


Another mouthwatering tune.





Caesar Spencer


‘Get Out Into The Pigs’


Get Out Into Yourself out April 28 via New Radio Records


Feels cathartic.









Against The Bomb out May 12 via State51 Records


Somewhere between Post-Punk and New-Wave, we like it.





Cable Ties


‘Time For You’


All Her Plans Out June 23 via Merge Records


Make time for this single.





Will Butler + Sister




Well, here’s a familiar voice we haven’t heard in a while, not too shabby.





Alex Lahey


‘They Wouldn’t Let Me In’


The Answer Is Always Yes Out May 19 Via Liberation Records


We’ll let you in, you little weirdo!









5K Out Now Via Winspear Records


After 4+ weeks of forever rain we feel empty but cautiously optimistic after this snazzy new track.





Holy Wave




Out Now Via Suicide Squeeze


A welcoming easy breezy tune to whittle the day away to.







‘Do You’ ft Shambles


Out Now Via Bad Vibrations


A great tune that keeps you guessing, what’ll you hear next? As the samples that make the whole keep stacking.





Pip Bloom




If you’re running a fashionable boutique in Shoreditch, you might want this on your playlist.





Media Giant


‘Son of a Son’


Market Research Out Now Via Brace Yourself Records


A catchy tune with no weakness that won’t have you crying on the weekends.





Maya Ongaku




Approach to Anima Out May 26 Via GuruGuru Brain


As elegant as it is soothing.





Angelica Rockne


‘The Rose Society’


The Rose Society Out May 5 Via Loose Records


A great tune to enjoy a damn fine cup of coffee to.









Out now via Partisan Records


A bit dark with a lighter hook.





Sam Burton


‘The Long Way Around’


Dear Departed Out July 14 Via Partisan Records


A voice, and song, from yesteryear and we’re absolutely enthralled.





The Paper Kites


‘Till the Flame Turns Blue’


Slide guitar is like liquid gold.





The Early Purple


‘Summer Hide’


EP Out May 12


The soft finger picking really sets the bass up.





Nice Biscuit


‘I Feel Love’


Who doesn’t like a cover done right?





‘Avalanche of Love’


Zango Out June 2 Via Desert Daze Sound


Walk around with this tune pumping and blammo; you’ve got your very own theme music.









New genre defiant tunes, we’re intrigued and certain you’ll be too.












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