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Miseria Ultima Paint In Colors of Void

Miseria Ultima return with their third album, In Colors of Void.

The latest record from the Finnish duo (Aleksi Martikainen – Vocals, Kimmo Huhtala – Synths) is due for release on Thursday through their new label, Alfa Matrix.

There’s no mistaking their unusual, and compelling, mix of EBM, electro, and black metal.

Tracklisting and more info below

After releasing the hard-hitting EP “Witch Heart Apparition”, Finnish dark elektro duo Miseria Ultima returns with their 3rd studio album on their new label Alfa Matrix. The album, titled "In Colors of Void", showcases the band’s signature sound blending cold melancholic atmospheres, poignant sorrowful melodies, harsh aggressive vocals, and powerful dark elektro assaults. The 11 songs on the album deal with themes of mortality, grief, and sudden loss. According to lead vocalist Aleksi Martikainen, the album explores "chaos theory, choices, and causality - and also about psychic vampirism." Fans of bands like Grendel, Suicide Commando, Aslan Faction, Alien Vampires and early Skinny Puppy will enjoy this intense introspective sonic journey offered by Aleksi Martikainen and Kimmo Huhtala.


1. Yet Shivering Profound

2. The Arrow Dream

3. Caressing The Pale

4. Shutter

5. Stillborn Promethean

6. Devoid Of Coloration

7. The Agitator

8. The Underground Cult Of Decadence

9. Witch Heart Apparition

10. The Aurora Eyes

11. Of Whip And Vanquishment (Bonus track)

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