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Singles That Mingle 20220805

  • Written by  Captain Stavros



Our London correspondent, Captain Stavros has recovered from Covid-19 and brought an amazing bevvy of tunes with him


The Velvet Hands

‘Holiday In My Head’

EP out now

I’ve got a splitting headache so I’ll postpone the holiday in my head, as I can’t think straight. This track’s a no brainer for a good time though.



Crack Cloud

‘Tough Baby’

Tough Baby via Meat Machine Records September 16

Brilliant hook. Expertly constructed track and solid pacing.



Pearl Diver

'Look For The Light'

EP out Now

As drifting and dreamy, as it is ethereal and elatory




'Wet Look'

Big Plans for a Blue World out now

It’s hard to be in 2 places at once but ‘Wet Look’ pulls it off with a relaxed but energetic track.





Open out now

Lo-fi fuzzy and warm all over with a great set of keys.



The Black Angels

'Wilderness of Mirrors'

Wilderness of Mirrors out September 16 via Partisan Records

Transport back to the acid age with this psychedelic excellence.



Indigo Sparke

'Pressure In My Chest'

Hysteria out October 7 via Sacred Bones

An echo in the darkness.



Beth Orton

'Forever Young'

Weather Alive out September 23 via Partisan Records

Not our usual go to but jam but just eerie enough to peak our receptors.



Julie Odell

'Cardinal Feather'

Autumn Eve out September 30 on FrenchKiss Records

A song like a swarm of mosquitos.




'Which Way'

Out Now via The State51 Conspiracy

This pieces reels in on so many influences, if it doesn’t pull you in along with it, let’s face it, you’re deaf.




'Hotel in LA'

New Album out September 9

A dreamy soundscape.



Aoife Nessa Frances

'Way To Say Goodbye'

Protector out October 28 via Partisan Records

Hauntingly Hypnotic.



'Come Apart'

Out Now on Section1

This sounds like the tunes in the ‘90s we couldn’t wait to come on to twist the dial up to 11.




'Mythical Bonds'

Pocket Fantasy out September 30 on Fire Talk Records

Bit Mathrock, bit infection you can’t seem to shake.



Andrew Combs

'Anna Please'

Sundays out August 19 via Loose

A mono tune that almost slipped us by, don’t let it do the same to you.










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