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Singles That Mingle 20231004

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Singles That Mingle


With Captain Stavros





Feral Family – This Side of Me


Energetic tune.





Gum – Argentina


Saturnia Out now Via Spinning Top Records


Song strolls in like a gentle breeze and equally as pleasant.





Princess Goes – Jetpack


Come of Age Out Friday Via Goot Records


This one’s just slipped onto our radar, we’re diggin it, and you might too. Touring in early October, checkem out.





Fazerdaze – Bigger


Bigger Single Out Now Via Section1


Big track with an unobtrusive vibe, touring in November snag your tickets!





Skinny Pelembe (Feat Beth Orton) – Who By Fire (Cover)


Caught this cat last year at The Scoail, scaling up to the Scala this October. Don’t. Miss. HIM.





Spearmint  - Prince & Joni


This Candle’s For You Out November 17 Via Wiaiwya Records


Well done cover.





Orion’s Belt – When You’re Gone I’ll Be Gone


Women Out Friday Via Jansen Records


Sonic soundwaves blasting at ya, dredgy guitar along with velvety vocals.





Index For Working Music – W1 Sprkla


Indexe’e Out Friday Via Tough Love


Hard to describe but worth the listen.





McKowski – Ask The Dust


Notes From The Boneyard Out Now Via Delta Sonic


A dark lullaby.





Theo Bleak – It’s Not Doing Me Any Good


Pain EP Out October 31


When you want someone to go to hell so bad you’ve just gotta write a song about it.








Singles That Mingle 20230328

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Singles That Mingle 

By Captain Stavros 

His Lordship

‘All Cranked Up’

Out now via Psychonaught Records

Does what it says on the tin, two-piece rock outfit touring this April.



‘Nothing More Nothing Less’

Protagonists out March 31

Can you imagine if bands could give birth to baby bands? IST IST would be an early ‘00s child of Interpol in that case.


Angelica Rockne

‘White Cadillac’

The Rose Society out May 5 via Loose Records

Angelica’s music sounds like warm coffee in a conservative on a slow morning.



‘Flood Into’

Break! out now via Section 1 Records

Another slowburn masterpiece



‘Berlin 87’

Silver Haze out May 5 via Sacred Bones Records

I’m somehow hooked to this track that sounds like it’s lost the will to live.




Blondshell out April 7 via Partisan Records

Full disclosure, didn’t take at first. Got distracted and opened up another tab for a few minutes while it played in the background, it stuck.




5K out March 31 via Winspear Records

Never fails to hit the mark.


London Brew

‘Raven Flies Low’

Brew out March 31 via Concord Jazz Records

Great textures and flow.


Kate Davis

‘Long Long Long’

Fish Bowl out March 21 Via Anti

A really inviting tune.


Alice Low


Transatlantic Sugar out April 21

A great tune for the Headwig II OST with Bowie undertones.


The Reds, Pinks & Purples

‘The Town That Cursed Your Name’

Tough Love out March 21

Inoffensive tunes for when your parents are over.




An Inbuilt Fault out May 5 via Partisan Records

New to our ears but hummingly appealing.


The Murlocs


Calm Ya Farm out May 19 via ATO Records

Best song you could ask for to wake up to.



‘Days Move Slow’

Lucky For You out June 2 via Sub Pop Records

It’s got that sound that Hole sorta had, ‘90s vibes.



‘3D Country’

3D Country out June 23 via Partisan Records

This smooth track by Geese is migrating your way.


Lea Sen

‘Luv Him (About U)’

You of Now PT 2 out April 21 Via Partisan Records

Honestly, I was distracted while previewing but it demanded my attention and got it.


Aluna & Tsha

‘Killing Me’

Not usually our format but you can’t knock a banger, killing me? More like killing it.




Ecstasy of Ruin out April 28 via Tough Love Records

This track, like the band's namesake, is limitless.


Egyptian Blue


This is our first introduction to Egyptian Blue, and a favourable one at that. Check ‘em out at the Oslo next week if you’re about.


Moor Mother

‘We Got The Jazz’

Jazz Codes Deluxe out May 19 via Anti- Records

A mashup of styles and lyrics that hold their own.



‘On Drugs’

That’s Life out now via Wichita Recordings

Great hook.








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