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Singles That Mingle 20240131


Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

Justice (Feat Tame Impala) – One Night/All Night

Hyperdrama Out April 26 Via Ed Banger Records

00s Dancerock sensational French Duo are back.


Teenage Dads – Tale of a Man

Touring in May

A playful and lighthearted track from your favourite youth dads.


Dekker – Popped the Top

Future Ghosts Out March 1

A tune about keeping it together rather than popping your top, would recommend.


Tapir! - Untitled

The Pilgrim, Their God and the King of my Decrepit Mountain Out Now Via Heavenly Recordings

Give up, let it go, but don’t let this tune go by without a listen.


Horsebeatch – A Friend By The Lake

Things To Keep Alive Out April Via Re:Warm Records

A song about taking your time, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.


Dog Race – It’s The Squeeze

Out Now Via Fascination Street

Anxiety inducing, with a catchy beat no less.


Lloyd Wayne – Saviour (Feat Compton White)

Lloyd sorta feels like he’s channelling some Elliot Smith. His track is poppy and easy but it feels like something more is lurking below the surface.


Sheherazaad – Dhund Lo Mujhe

Qsar Out April 1 Via Erased Tapes

An intriguing aural maze.



Singles That Mingle 20240124

Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

Hollow Coves – Photographs

Nothing To Lose Out March 1 Via Netwerk Records

Upbeat and optomistic.

Feral Family – Sold

Not sure I’ll ever be a huge FF fan but this track’s got juice.

Idles – Gift Horse

The tensions in the song and video both are worth a gander.

Porij – My Only Love

Teething Out February 26 Via Play It Again Sam Records

Watching Porij evolve is quite satisfying.

Lip Critic – The Heart

Out Now Via Partisan Records

This’ll wake you up.

The Fauns – Shake Your Hair

How Lost Out Now Via Invada Records

A timeless track, solid.

Ed Harcourt – Deathless

El Magnifico Out March 29 Via Deathless Recordings

Sortofa Sufjan Stevens vibe here.

The Miserable Rich – Probably Will

Overcome Out February 2 Via Ruin Records

A pleasant tune with a juxtapostioned compelling video.


VR Sex – Real Doll Time

Hard Copy Out March 22 Via Dais Records

Not deviating from their original body of work, no surprises, but a lot of energy.






Singles That Mingle 20240123

Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


The Rhythm Method – I Love My Television

Peachy Out March 8 Via Moshi Moshi records

Can’t listen, TV now.


Sprints – Heavy

Letter To Self Out Now Via City Slang Records

Anxiety inducing, what a rush.


Slift – Weaver’s Weft

Ilion Out Now Via Sub Pop Records

Settle in, it’s a long one. French psyche making some moves.


Jozef Van Wissem – With Our Hands Our Hearts To Raise

The Night Dwells In The Day Out Now Via Incunabulum Records

Sounds like something that would’ve been in a Sergio Corbucci film.


Dermabraison – Magic Missile

Pain Behaviour Out Froday Via Hand Drawn Dracula Records

A bit monotonous but a perfect song to facilitate bad behaviour in our opinion.


Beans – Calling

Boots N Cats Out March 1 Via Fuzz Club Records

Enjoying the brass on this track.


Waxahatchee – Right Back To It

Tigers Blood Out March 22 Via Anti-Records

That lulling banjo and the tune’s pace is a great way to watch the sky melt before you.


C Turtle – Shake It Down

Expensive Thrills Out March 8 Via Blitzcat Records

Grungy, reminds me of the mid 90s jams from yesteryear.


Serpentwithfeet – Safe Word

How can a song be complex and minimal at the same time?


Ellie Bleach – Whole Lotta Nothing

Now Leaving West Feldwood Out March 28 Via Sad Club Records

Consistently solid work from Ellie.





Singles That Mingle 20231218

Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

Hotel Lux – The Carvery

Bah humbug!


Ellie Bleach – Do You Ever Think of Me?

Out Now Via Sad Club Records

Bah humbug! Bah humbug!


Royalty Capes – This Christmas

Bah humbug! Bah humbug! Bah humbug!


Hannah Rose Plat – The Wendigo Rag

Bah humbug! Bah humbug! Bah humbug! Bah humbug!


The Umbrellas – Echoes

Fairweather Friend Out Summer Via Tough Love/Slumberland

Who do these vocals remind you of, it’s killing me?!


Soho, Anise and Simon – 2Pablo

Out Now Via Silicone Records

Introspective, we can all use a few of these over the holidays.


Grandaddy – Cabin in my Mind

Blu Wav Out February 16 Via Dangerbird Records

A blast from the past and as good, if not better, than we remember.


Tom Jenkins – Is There A Next One?

Meadow Part 1 Out Now Via Xtra Mile Recordings

Smooth and warm


High School – August 19

Not too shabby.


SLIFT – Nimh

Ilion Out January 19 Via Sub Pop

Straight out the gate up in your grill.


Sean Ono Lennon x Temples – Gamma Rays

It’s got chops.


Vince Freeman – Powers

Scars, Ghosts and Glory

Funky, soulful, cathartic.


Idles – Grace

TANGK Out February 16 Via Partisan

Slow build, curious to check the new LP when it drops.


The Blinders – Always

Beholder Out March 1 Via Funhouse/EMI

Dig this straight away, moody and broody.


Born At Midnight – Spotlight

Out Now Via Arbatus Records

Funky Low-fi.





Singles That Mingle 20231215

Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


Fauns – Mixtape Days

How Lost Out January 19 Via Invada

I was lost, but now I’ve done found this sweet silky ditty.




Ed Harcourt – Strange Beauty

El Magnifico Out March 29 Via Wolf Cabin Studios

A playful tune with great vocals.


Dog Unit – Concrete Barges On The Banks of the Thames

Great tune to space out to after a spliff.


Jozef Van Wissem - The Devil is a Fair Angel and the Serpent a Subtle Beast

The Night Dwells in the Day Out January 19 Via Incunabulum Records

Does this sound like a folk rendition of Halloween’s main theme or is it just us?


Beans – Haunted

Boot N Cats Out March 1 Via Fuzz Club

How you like dem Beans? Just fine and dandy, thanks, got room for more!


Black Grape – Milk

Orange Head Out January 19 Via DGAFF Recordings

It’s weird, it’s got our attention.


Katy Kirby – Party of the Century

Blue Raspberry Out January 26 Via Anti

It’s a super approachable tune, infectious.


Singles That Mingle 20231211

Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

 Annie-Claude Deschenes – Menace Minimale

Out Now Via Italian’s Do It Better

Poppy new-wave, not sure what to do with it, so we’re going to just leave it here. Holy shit, dark hook, lookout!


Chanel Beads – Police Scanner

Out Now Via JagJaguWar

Hard to pin down, think that’s why we like it. 


Haiku Hands – Cool For You

Pleasure Beast Out now Via Spinning Top Records

Somewhere between a rave and a street fight showdown with the end boss, we’re here for it!


Friko – Crashing Through

Where We’ve Been, Where We Go From Here Out February 16 Via ATO Records

If you need a song for the guy gets the girl in the teeny boppers flick, this is it (with notes of BCNR). 


Mandy, Indiana + Clipping – Sheared

I’ve Seen A Way Out Now Via Fire Talk Records

Spoken hip-hop with accessible lyrics, diggin’ It. 


Kneecap feat Grian Chatten – Better Way To Live

A Better Way To Live Out Now Via Heavenly Recordings

We’re excited about this. 


Whispering Sons – Cold City

The Great Calm Out February 23 Via PIAS Recordings

Feel like if we don’t promote this, the song will haunt us, it follows…..you’re it. 


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