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Singles That Mingle 20240522


Singles That Mingle

 With Captain Stavros

Hinako Omori – Stillness, Softness (Kloxii Li Remix)

Stillness Sadness (extended dream remix) Out Now Via Houndstooth

Weird slow build but it stuck with us, but now we’re rubber and you’re glue.



Tindersticks – New World

 Soft Tissue Out September 13 Via City Slang

 The keys and brass really shine through, you can’t go wrong with this one. That is a threat.



 Cassandra Jenkins – Delphinium Blue

My Light, My Destroyer Out July 12 Via Dead Oceans

Absolutely captivating.


J.R.C.G. - Dogear

Grim Iconic (Sadistic Mantra) Out August 2 Via Sub Pop

Where in sweet fuck did this baddassery come from? We’re hooked.


Julie Christmas – Thin Skin

Riddiculous and Full of Blood Out June 14 Via Red Crk

Don’t let the name fool you, she goes for the jugular.


Lair – Tatalu (Minami Deutsch Remix)

Go listen to this and lose yourself, or get lost? We always mix those 2 up.


Crack Cloud – Blue Kite

 Red Mile Out july 26 Via JagJaguwar Records

It’s definitely got an 80s vibe, but not the way you’re thinking. We’re not sure we’re thinking. Go listen to it.




Singles That Mingle 20240521

Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

Blossoms – What Can I Say After I’m Sorry

Crazy infectious. What would you say after I’m sorry? We’d probably say ‘I’m hungry’.

Minny Pops – Dad Dog

Has a song about dead Dads and dogs been missing from your life? Not anymore!

Sprints – Help Me, I’m Spiralling

Letter To Self Out Now Via City Slang

Gritty and glowing.

Half Waif – Big Dipper

Ephemeral Being Out May 31 Via ANTI-

Teases you in and we’re here for it.

Poolside – Where is the Thunder? (Neil Frances Remix)

This one’s going on a summer playlist somewhere.

Gum/Ambrose Kenny-Smith – III Times

III Times Out July 19 Via p(doom) Records

What a fucking jam, we’re tellin’ ya.

CMAT – Aw, Shoot!

A wholesome one from CMAT that’ll have you filtering through her back catalogue if this is your introduction to their jams.

Efterklang – Plant

Things We Have In Common Out September 27 Via City Slang

Pretty mainstream but there’s something about this track we can’t shake so give it a whirl why dontchya

Jess Cornelius – Laps in the Drugs Store

Care/Taking Out June 14 Via Tender Loving Empire Records

Jess is from New Zealand where they shoot Koala Bears on site with no questions asked. She also consistently puts out solid jams.

Xeno and Oaklander - Magic of the Manifold

Out Now Via Dais

Sorta Ladytronish vibes.


Singles That Mingle 20240502


Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


Slate – Shade In Me

Deathless Out May 17 Via Brace Yourself Records



Corridor – Jump Cut

MiMi Out Now Via Sub Pop

It’s an adventurous ditty, strap in for the ride.


Daniel Davies – I Know Why

Ghost of the Heart Out June 21 Via Sacred Bones

A great opener for an apocalypse show.


Crumb – The Bug

Amama Out May 17 Via Crumb Records

This little bug will crawl under your skin and stay there. Let’s hope it doesn’t lay eggs.


Ezra Collective – Ajala

Cowboy Bepop flashback with this one.


PEM – Grips

Cloud Work EP Out June 7 Via Fascination Street Records

The vocals and instruments mesh really well.


Pip Blom – Get Back (Tom Sharkett Remix)

Bobbie Remixes Out May 23 Via Heavenly Recordings

Darkwave masterpiece!


Desire – Human Nature

Games People Play Out 2024 Via Italina’s Do It Better

Another in a long line of hits for Desire.


Las Nubes – Would Be

Tormentas Malsanas Out June 14 Via Sweet Records

Great hook and switch up, the vocals bring it home though.







Singles That Mingle 20240501


Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


Hermanos Gutierrez – Until We Meet Again

Sonido Cosmico Out June 14 Via Easy Eye Sound

A mellow one that’ll draw you in


Nadine Khouri – The Night Will Keep Us Warm

Excruciatingly slow build but she’s still got it.


Ora Cogan – Cowgirl

Formless Out May 31 Via Prism Tongue

Draws you in like an undertow.


Cassandra Jenkins – Only One

My Light, My Destroyer Out July 12 Via Dead Oceans

The sax in this plays out a lot like classic Destroyer. If you’re a fan of them, you’ll dig this, silky. P.S. we wrote this, funnily enough, before seeing the album’s title.


Tendertwin – Asking

Here’s your intro to newcomer, Tendertwin, one to keep your eye on.


Cigarettes After Sex – Dark Vacay

X’S’ LP Out July 12 Via Partisan Records

Still holding onto those smokey origin tones with a bit of something new, thumbs up from us.


Maquina – Desterro

Prata Out Now Via Fuzz Club

Noisy and energetic, get in there.


Girl and Girl – Oh Boy!

Call A Doctor Out May 24 Via Sub Pop

A feel good ditty.



Singles That Mingle 20240430


Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

Lip Critic – In The WaWa (Convinced I Am A God)

Hex Dealer Out May 17 Via Partisan Records

Genre defiant, coming out triumphant.


Caleb Laundry Jones – Useless

Hey Gary, Hey Dawn Out Now Via Sacred Bones

Loving this slacker rock.


Friko – Chemical

Out Now Via ATO Records

The energy is infectious, breakout high-school battle of the bands winner vibes.


Jess Cornelius – Back To The Mainland

Care/Taking Out Now Via Tender Loving Empire Records.

A tune that not only carried our interest, but also cradled them.


Tommy – Losing Out

Out Now Via PIAS Records

Catchy pop, we’ll keep this one on our radar.


Lazy Day – Bright Yellow

Out Now Via Brace Yourself Records

Full disclosure, almost turned this one off, but instead switched tabs and it really grew on us fast. Don’t make the same mistake we -almost- made.


Porij – Ghost

Teething Out Now Via Play It Again Sam Records

One you’ll be Shazamin’


Aaron Frazer – Payback

Into The Blue Out June 28 Via Dead Oceans

Frighteningly catchy.





Singles That Mingle 20240403

Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


The Reds, Pinks & Purples – What’s Going On With Everyday People

Unwishing Well Out April 12 Via Tough Love

Smooth sailing, for everyday people.


VR Sex – In Great Detail

Hard Copy Out Now Via Dais

There are at least three genres here we never thought would mash-up so well.


Chastity Belt – Laugh

Live Laugh Love Out Now Via Suicide Squeeze Records

Don’t let the horrible album title sway you; the tunes are pretty wavy.


Crumb – Amma

Amma Out May 17 Via Crumb Records

Weird and wonderful.


Slate – Remoter Heaven

Deathless Out May 17 Via Brace Yourself Records

Smoothy Groovy, moody tooty.


Kneecap – Fine Art

Fine Art Out June 15 Via Heavenly Recordings

It’s too bad these lot have blown up and are absolutely killing it because so many insufferables will be at their next string of live shows.


Ed Harcourt – El Magnifico

Great title, great track, great title track.


Sinkane – Come Together

We Belong Out Friday Via City Slang

Discoey and gooey, check-er-oooot.


Curses – Elegant Death

Another winner from the IDIB crew.


Max Blansjaar – Anna Madonna

Jangly and fun, something to shake that money maker to.


Magana – Break Free

Sure footed, lighthearted, tune.


Frog – RIP to the Empire Flea Market

Hop to it and get a listen-on.




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