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Singles That Mingle 20240522 Featured

  • Written by  Captain Stavros


Singles That Mingle

 With Captain Stavros

Hinako Omori – Stillness, Softness (Kloxii Li Remix)

Stillness Sadness (extended dream remix) Out Now Via Houndstooth

Weird slow build but it stuck with us, but now we’re rubber and you’re glue.



Tindersticks – New World

 Soft Tissue Out September 13 Via City Slang

 The keys and brass really shine through, you can’t go wrong with this one. That is a threat.



 Cassandra Jenkins – Delphinium Blue

My Light, My Destroyer Out July 12 Via Dead Oceans

Absolutely captivating.


J.R.C.G. - Dogear

Grim Iconic (Sadistic Mantra) Out August 2 Via Sub Pop

Where in sweet fuck did this baddassery come from? We’re hooked.


Julie Christmas – Thin Skin

Riddiculous and Full of Blood Out June 14 Via Red Crk

Don’t let the name fool you, she goes for the jugular.


Lair – Tatalu (Minami Deutsch Remix)

Go listen to this and lose yourself, or get lost? We always mix those 2 up.


Crack Cloud – Blue Kite

 Red Mile Out july 26 Via JagJaguwar Records

It’s definitely got an 80s vibe, but not the way you’re thinking. We’re not sure we’re thinking. Go listen to it.



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