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Metal Detector: The Hu



Welcome back to the Metal Detector.  This week I have been mostly listening to Mongolia’s unstoppable power metal machine, The Hu.  It’s been hard to avoid the hype around this band but any time someone brings a brand-new sound to the metal table, it’s to be warmly welcomed.



Combining traditional music and metal is nothing new, per se.  Folk and pagan metal are well established here in Ireland, and around the world too.  Irish trad is easily recognisable to most people in Europe and America, but we’re not accustomed to hearing throat singing solos.



The electrified Mongol instruments that The Hu use to such great effect are new to our ears too, so the combination of battle beats, hummable melodies and Khannite costumes are something to be celebrated.  Their artwork and appearance are reminiscent of hardcore Dungeons and Dragons, and we can only imagine how they’ll present their unique and original music when they play live.



The Hu have just the one album out so far, but they are about to embark on an extensive North American tour.  It’s been two years since they played here, for obvious reasons, and hopefully we’ll see them back here soon.



They’ve certainly made the most of their newfound fame.  After getting members of Halestorm and Papa Roach in for guest slots on their US singles, they’ve covered two Metallica songs including one for the Blacklist charity album.  As well as backing from Metallica et al, the Mongolian government have shown their support for the band, staging a show at the Mongolian Embassy in London, and honouring them for services to culture.  With new songs written and being road-tested, expectations will be high for album #2, don’t let us down, Hu!



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