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Sepultura Release 'Means To An End'

The age of Quadra is upon us as Sepultura release their new album via Nuclear Blast. The Brazilian thrash metal masters mark the occasion with a stunning music video for their new single 'Means To An End'.

Guitarist Andreas Kisser comments: "Sepulnation around the world the wait is over! Quadra is out now!! It feels great to be here today with such a strong album in our hands, I cannot wait to see you all on the 'Quadra' World Tour. Thank you all the fans around the world that keeps this band alive and motivated. Let’s celebrate Quadra together, play it loud! I know I will!”

He adds on the new song/video: “'Means To An End' is our third video/single taken from our new album Quadra. Is the the second song on the album, it is a very powerful and complex theme that inspired director Otavio Juliano and Luciana Ferraz to make an amazing visual interpretation of the song. It shows the human greed with no limits, the arrogance and the ignorance of ourselves, we think we can do it all without knowledge, without respect. Judas and his treason, defying death in a chess game, saving money for who’s knows what and how much is enough?

It was shot in the city of Jundiaí, in an old train station museum and in Sao Paulo as well, at an old bank safe, it was the biggest in Latin America from the 50’s till it got shut down in the late 80’s. We had a lot of fun working on it and I’m very happy with the final result, hope you like it! See you on the 'Quadra' World Tour.”

Quadra tracklist

01. Isolation

02. Means To An End

03. Last Time

04. Capital Enslavement

05. Ali

06. Raging Void

07. Guardians Of Earth

08. The Pentagram

09. Autem

10. Quadra

11. Agony Of Defeat

12. Fear; Pain; Suffering



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