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Home Is Where The Heart Is For Paris Youth Foundation


‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ is the first release from the Liverpool five-piece, Paris Youth Foundation, since signing to Modern Sky UK. Recorded at the legendary Parr Street Studios and produced by Rich Turvey (Blossoms, Courteeners, Vistas), ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ is a track brimmed with sonic optimism, yet underpinned by a yearning for closure and comfort.

From the off the relentlessly bright instrumental evokes images of a late night drive down memory lane, where the fading auburn light of the sun battles with the gleam of overhead streetlamps. The guitar and backing vocals exchange rotations of a buoyant riff as the bass and drums lend a sense of propulsion that persists throughout. The sheer vibrancy of the track will shake the music world from the slumber and ruins of the post-Christmas musical landscape.

Frontman and songsmith Kevin Potter’s vocal delivery is earnest, and sits perfectly at the confluence of the sanguine soundtrack and poignant lyricism, serving the surface level indie rock scorcher whilst subtly reinforcing the theme of nostalgia-driven heartbreak. According to Kevin:

“‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ is very much a love song at its core. It’s about that rare time in breakup, where you kind of don’t want to be sad or argue anymore. You just want to appreciate the time and the memories for what they were. It's about that person being home for the weekend and how a place and a person can take you back in time, and maybe just for one night you pretend you're still the same kids who fell in love all that time ago."




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