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Free Benjamin Shaw Reissue

Originally released in October 2009, I Got the Pox, the Pox is What I Got is the debut EP from cult musician and misanthrope Benjamin Shaw. Billed as "six and a half songs of nausea, noise and hilarious anecdote" and accompanied by a pair of grisly music videos, Shaw's polarising sound was introduced to independent music audiences around the world through BBC airplay, reviews kind and cruel and a slew of live shows which saw the introverted Shaw slip between transcendent and petrified.

Though greater acclaim (and polarisation) would come with the introduction of deeper dissonance, nihilism, electronics and sparsity on releases like Megadead, Rumfucker, There's Always Hope, There's Always Cabernet, this debut was the perfect calling card for a singer-songwriter who wanted nothing to do with his own genre. His contempt for the form he's working within can be heard throughout fan favourites like ‘When I Fell Over in the City’ and the ten minute title track.

This remastered release comes packed with an additional five recordings, including a lo-fi cover of Nosferatu D2's holiday classic ‘It's Christmas Time (For God's Sake)’ and two stripped down live recordings, which are wonderful for comparison with Shaw's 2019 Live donaufestival album in terms of witnessing how he has eschewed the inherited self-limitation of his genre.



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