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Here We Stand With Rob Jarvis And The Mercury Sons

Rob Jarvis And The Mercury Sons returns with the sent new single taken from the Four Walls EP titled 'Here We Stand'. In early 2017 the band released two tracks; 'Just To Make You Happy' and 'End OF Our Days', both being an overwhelming success.

Rob Jarvis And The Mercury Sons are preparing for the release of their debut album and 'Here We Stand' is the final chapter of the Four Walls EP. When talking about the new single, Rob Jarvis said "The song came about pretty much on its own. I was just sat watching the news in a kind of indirect, one eye on the screen sorta way. Generally wondering about the state of things. Moved me to think about how much information we as the general public are fed daily, from media, public figures, so on and so forth; how a small percentage of people have to get information to such a vast population.

What I’m trying to say is, I think we desperately need information; we like to know what is going on and thats great, people should be informed as best we can be but not necessarily believe everything we hear. This is not a hard edged opinion, but my reflection."



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