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Nikita Bassi Stages Rescue With Santi Storm

Nikita Bassi has released the video for her new single ‘Rescue’, taken from her debut EP Satin out now. The video celebrates empowerment and features performances from Nikita and drag queen Santi Storm. It reflects the themes for the bold pop song, which tackle the intricate feelings behind a toxic relationship.

Regarding the video Nikita says, “When I’m feeling a bit nervous, I think of the Soho drag shows I’ve been to and how empowering I find them. The idea for the video was that I’m making this low-key DIY music video in my bedroom, feeling all over the place with a bed sheet falling on me, which genuinely just happened while I was recording, but that drag makes myself and so many others feel confident. It makes you feel you can celebrate your identity behind a kind of comfort blanket. I also don’t find that Bollywood and drag come together much and I love the fact that they do in this video. The song itself is a little bit mischievous and I knew Santi’s bold style would help to put that across.”

Nikita has worked with producer Cores (Solange, The Streets, Gorgon City) who built on her bedroom-produced tracks, to create the uniquely crafted Satin EP. Nikita adds, “They’re all love songs of some kind, but the tracks dive more into elements that can come along with it  - immaturity, toxicity, fear, comfort and caution.”

She will be performing live at London’s Vortex Jazz Club on October 13 in association with Oxjam and has more live dates to be announced soon.



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