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Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Returns With One-Off Single

Putting the world to rights and spreading a message of hope and change in turbulent times, the alias of Sam Duckworth delivers the most uplifting song about the impending apocalypse you’re likely to hear all year.Written, recorded, mixed and now released in under two weeks, the track has an urgency that chimes with the desperate and unconventional times we find ourselves living in.

Speaking about making the track and why the time for unconventionality is now, Duckworth says:“I wrote the tune last Monday. Which in this day and age, seems like it could have been both yesterday and months ago. It’s a strange timeline to be on. Collapsing empires and scrolling news.  I got into the studio with the band the next day and we just jammed it out and had fun. There’s a lot of anger in life at the moment and sometimes the best antidote is a joyful noise.

I took a few days away and started to mix it this Monday. Which seems like a whole different time line. Those in charge of our futures are failing, spectacularly. The no deal project is crumbling under its own paper thin ideology and structure. It just felt right to finish the track and put it out straight away. 

The world needs healing. It needs to hang out. It needs to dance. To laugh. To congregate. However this plays out, we’re all still in this together. Long live the Unconventionals.”Accompanied with a fittingly apocalyptic video, the postcard style clips that comprise it were filmed while Get Cape toured around America in the Spring and offer a fitting visual partner to this new song.



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