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Ivy Crown Are Not Who We Are

The Danish Metalcore band Ivy Crown has released anew single and video for Not Who We Are. The song is the third single taken from their upcoming debut full-length album scheduled for October.

The band says about the song: “ ‘Not Who We Are is about how life can be difficult, and how you feel pressured, stressed, depressed and all that can lead you to get different diagnoses you get medicated for. But it gives you a false feeling of happiness and you actually never feel completely happy.The video illustrates the zombie state you get in.”

Ivy Crown is a melodic metalcore quartet hailing from the cold streets of Copenhagen, Denmark. Captivating vocals, tight compositions and a heavy sound are all in the formula of their debut album, Echo. These girls are geared to take on the world, and make some necks hurt.

Ivy Crown has risen from the ashes of Taras which was a well-known Danish punk rock band that played shows all over Denmark and the UK, with arena shows and their own episode on Danish national television, DR.

After releasing their lead single Lonesome and Cold in February, followed by second single ‘Run’, the quartet is set to release their debut album in late 2019 through Long Branch Records. The debut album will be recorded and produced by Chris Kreutzfeldt (Cabal) and with assisting vocal production by Mirza Radonjica-Bang (Siamese). The album has featuring performances by Kadeem France (Loathe), Kim Song Sternkopf (MØL) and Jesper Gün (Ghost Iris) - all people who complement the bands vision for the album.



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