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Jessica Winter Will Sleep Forever

London-based bedroom pop artist and producer Jessica Winter has shared the video for her debut single, ‘Sleep Forever’, the first to be taken from her upcoming EP, Let’s Keep It Shallow. The video sees sultry and foreboding visuals accompany the haunting and ethereal trap-laced gothic-pop tones which permeate the track, while Jessica dances mysteriously through surreal and dread-inducing darkness.

Jessica says, “My friend Nan Moore is a director but the idea for the video came from her clubbing, covered in wires. She has a heart condition and has it monitored for seven day periods quite regularly. The blue patches become UV in a club, it looks a bit like a bomb – such a belligerent visual of a broken heart! In that moment we thought that the image looked how the song felt. The shoot was ridiculous, not only did we have zero budget but the monitor was meant to be on her, reading her heart so we only had a few five minute bursts to get it off of her, onto me and go for a take. I don’t know what happened in that moment but I’m now having my heart monitored. At least we got the video. All power to the NHS and no budget filmmaking.”

 Both a thrilling producer and songwriter, Jessica has emerged from her bedroom studio in Brixton, developing a lustrous and unique sound derived from a diverse teenage soundscape. With influences spanning multiple genres including artists such as Barbara Streisand, Madonna, Nick Cave and Siouxsie & The Banshees to Death Grips, Lil Peep, Marilyn Manson and Twenty One Pilots, she began bringing her music ideas to life with little more than a cheap microphone, a laptop and a second hand piano.

The result is an extraordinary collection of songs that will feature on the debut EP, due out in September this year. It’s a piece of work that smashes the modern beats and lackadaisical vocals of US cloud rap with techno, grime and at least three decades of pop. It’s music to make you feel uncomfortable and provoke serious anxiety in those with a desire to neatly categorise their listening habits.

Jessica’s appreciation for other art forms and the ability to use it to support important causes has seen her launch the Hate The Haus club nights in London. It showcases other creatives from live music, indie film, spoken word, performance art and more and brings them together as a community to spread awareness of a particular issue such as plastic waste, climate change, animal extinction and more.


May 30th  – Pumphuset, Copenhagen (headline)

June 2nd  – Sodern Teatern, Stockholm (supporting Death Grips)

June 7th  – Field Day, London



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