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All Ears Avow Announce Skin & Bones EP

All Ears Avow have already released two killer singles this year and now they’re rounding 2018 off with an EP release comprising five brand new tracks. Skin & Bones is set for release on December 14 and the title track is out now, with accompanying new music video.

The band’s knack for writing a soaring melody and catchy chorus shines through in this single. They say it embodies the themes that run throughout the EP, “the notions of being comfortable in your own skin and not pretending to be something you’re not. It’s pretty much a celebration of being yourself and doing things for yourself, which is something that people forget the importance of.”

Elsewhere on the EP, All Ears Avow draw inspiration from unlikely sources like with ‘Got Lucky’, which is informed by the band’s parents’ record collections - Salt N Pepa, Chaka Khan, Eurythmics to Roxette and Duran Duran. The band have pushed themselves musically throughout the EP. “The music we’ve been finding ourselves digging more and more, playing out as loud as we can and singing along to in our van, is the side of rock music that’s totally blurring the boundaries between itself and pop music, hip hop, dance, r’n’b etc,” says Sutton. “Rock music seems like it’s swallowing itself whole lately - you have to do more to stand out and we wanted to do that while playing songs that we loved more than anything.” Their embracing of pop sensibilities, whilst retaining the rock drive of their roots and instruments, results in big choruses, big riffs, groove, technicality and emotion all rolled into one.


w/ Kill The Ideal

December 13th – Leicester – The Shed Vaults

December 14th – Ashford – The Windmill

December 15th – Bridgwater – The Cobblestones

December 16th – Swansea – The Bunkhouse




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