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Richard Jahn Is Stranger Than You

Following the release of ‘Catch Me If You Can’ last month, London-based Richard Jahn has unveiled his debut EP, Display:Orange and a new single entitled ‘Stranger Than You’. Always taking the listener on a uniquely cinematic journey, the latest release sees Richard contrasting a hook ridden vocal reminiscent of ‘80s funk and disco with the daring eccentricities of the track’s soundscape.

‘Stranger Than You’ has arrived straight off the back of a sold out vinyl launch at London’s Off The Cuff, and with equal measures of intensity poured into each facet of the record, it promises to truly challenge what’s expected from a debut.

Written at a time when he was still living at his parents’ house, Richard was forced to assess ‘the ugly strangeness and wonderful strangeness’ of his personality whilst feeling estranged from his friends in London. ‘Stranger Than You’ is surrounded by trademark embellishments as Richard explores his idiosyncrasies with each line, boasting two sides of a coin, ‘comfort and alienation’. Inspired by ‘a close relationship with a person who consciously and unconsciously finds it hard to come to terms with who you are’, testing every ounce of patience in the relationship, ‘it's a winding journey, that we work through if we care enough, or fall apart if we don’t.’ 


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