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Settle Your Scores Reach Zero Hour

Settle Your Scores are back with a dynamic and utterly fun new album, Better Luck Tomorrow, out now via SharpTone Records. Christian Fisher (vocals) states: "'Zero Hour' was the first song that Ricky wrote for Better Luck Tomorrow, so it sounds pretty similar to songs from The Wilderness. For me personally, this song sums up an overarching theme for Better Luck Tomorrow. Dwelling on your past mistakes won’t change your life; getting out there and pursuing your dreams will. When you focus too much on negativity and the past, the only person selling you short is yourself. This song is about realizing your potential and pursuing happiness. We worked with Enlighten Studios to film the music video in LA. The video turned out great. It was a sweaty, high energy shoot and it was a really fun time."

Formed in late 2014, Settle Your Scores wasted little time in establishing a name for themselves in the Midwest music scene and the digital sonisphere at large. With a well-established regional presence and an energetic, vibrant and bold live performance, the group unleashed their debut full-length record, The Wilderness, in January of 2016 and haven’t slowed down since. With nearly an hour of high-energy heavy pop punk under their belt, the outfit hit the road with the likes of Knockout Kid and For The Win, making several appearances at festivals throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Settle Your Scores’ hard work was not for naught — as the group remained busy on their highly-anticipated sophomore record as well as penning a deal with SharpTone Records, providing them a sprawling and diverse outlet through which to let loose the product of over two years of writing, touring and recording. With the doors to 2018 and beyond wide open, they are prepared to come out swinging, not stopping until they’re a well-established, effervescent force to be reckoned with on every continent.



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