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HeartSongs - 20180326

Welcome to HeartSongs, our regularly scheduled (probably) look at songs and the people who write them. We spoke to Dublin-based singer-songwriter, The Pickled Onions, about his recent single ‘Sing To Me’.


“The song is written from the point of view of my two year old Béibhinn. Her imagination is a constant source of inspiration. Some of the lines were inspired from stories we read, and some are straight from the horse’s mouth.

The music for this one came together more or less in an evening but the lyrics took a bit of time to reveal themselves. I recently been trying to set a limit on the amount of time I'll procrastinate on a tune in the interest of getting more songs finished and putting them out there, even if they're not perfect, and I'm really enjoying the process.

More than likely the last couple of tracks, ‘Sing To Me’, ‘Honey’ and ‘Harvest’ will end up on EP number three, or possibly an album, I'll see how it's looking in the Summer. Between now and then, I have finishing touches to put on EP2, The Mines, and send it off for mixing at the Isokon (Kevin Morby, Bob Weir). I found him through listening to Kevin Morby's Singing Saw last year which I loved. Looking forward to working with him when I get my finger out.”


Lift me up

Higher than the sun

Spin me around

& put a nappy on my bum


You need to look

At this stone I just found

Do you think it's worth something?

I found it on the ground


Where are you going

And can I come with you?

Don't take my sister

She's done a smelly poo


Put on my record

Till I sharpen my sound

We'll watch it spinning

Like a merrily-go-round


Build me a robot

With a smile upon his face

I need juice for my rocket

To take me into space

Slide the rings arounds Saturn

Pic-a-nic on the moon

It's the best day I've had

But it's over all too soon


And I don't want to go

But I know in my head

That the best place for me

Is tucked up in my bed

Mr. Cat to my left

& the Gingerbread mam

Sings to me softly

We're all holding hands

Sing to me softly

We're all holding hands




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