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New Portals Inch Into Film Soundtrack

New Portals have released the video for their brand new single, ‘Inch’. The track is the official theme song for the forthcoming feature film, Faces, from the award-winning director Joseph A. Adesunloye. The video features exclusive footage of the forthcoming film coming out this autumn. Faces is a multi-narrative film set across four storylines that follow a group of characters as their lives begin to unravel.

The movie features high profile actors from both music and film. It sees Shingai Shoniwa of The Noisettes playing her first major film role, while also including the Oscar-winning Terry Pheto (Tsotsi, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, A United Kingdom), Aki Omoshaybi (The Riot Club, Kids In Love, Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Suzette Llewellyn (EastEnders, Coronation Street, Holby City) and French actor and model Matthieu Charneau (The Bastard Executioner).

‘Inch’ and Faces director Joseph A. Adesunlove says, “I was both honoured and excited to work on this project, most of all I think people will find it relevant to their lives and that has to be the most important achievement that all the people who have poured themselves into this project can hope for. I believe ‘Inch’ captures the mood of the film beautifully and I am very proud to have it as the official soundtrack.”

‘Inch’ is a stark tale of heartbreak from New Portals and features dark pulsating bass among atmospheric synths and smooth percussion clicks. The song is the latest to feature in a number of film and TV syncs for the band. Their previous single ‘Chasing Shade’ was recently featured in Striking Out, and their single ‘Cage’ formed the soundtrack to the award-winning film, She Has A Name, last year.




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