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Face Unveil Their Second Single 'Cry'

Having scaled the heights of soaring, melodic pop on debut single ‘Imagination’, Face return with their brand new track ‘Cry’. As a group chant of Cry!Cry!Cry!” echoes in the beginning of the song, a wall of guitars and thunderous drumming erupt before giving way to another hook-filled chorus. It’s a clear statement of intent from a band so young; they’re not afraid to write pop songs with mass appeal, ones that channel the likes of The Killers and Bruce Springsteen in their heyday.

Signed to Stuart Prices Warners-affiliated label AOA, Price; renowned for his work with the likes of Madonna, Everything Everything and New Order, also lent a hand in producing Cryand is also at the helm for the band’s debut EP set to be released later this year.

David says of the track: “We're living in crazy times, we have created a society for ourselves that only Ronald McDonald can be proud of. Look at us. What's so good about being alive in 2017? There’s Richards everywhere you look. Are you a Richard? Or do you want to make this intolerable self-serving existence we call life better for everyone by making a decision to choose not to be a Richard. Power to the people. Anything is possible. Make them CRY.”

Now based in London, the band were formed in Glasgow by vocalist David Arthur, with the Face line up completed by Matt Kern, drummer Slim Gabriel and guitarist JC, and look set to be propelled to the forefront of modern guitar pop.






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