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Alburn - a l b u r n

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Rocking sweaty rooms around the UK for several years now, Glaswegian quartet Alburn have finally released their (self-titled) debut, and it's a logical progression from the emotive rock music on which they've built their reputation. 

Starting in the same way as preceding EP Mouthful of Glass, the guitars start with the distortion from the outset, and there's little respite from them or the impassioned vocal deliveries throughout the record's duration. Whilst the band's brand of rock isn't groundbreaking, it does touch an exciting strike of vitality with its raw edges and unrestrained delivery. 

'Make You Mine' through 'Green Saloon' set that bar of high octane music, with some subdued passages for dynamic contrast, the band's fierce sound is one that you can't help but feel is essential to experience live. One which will whip crowds into a dirty but thoroughly enjoyable mess. The contrasting one-two of 'Cathexis' and 'Catharis' highlights this dynamic turn, with the sincerity of the former bleeding into the rage of the latter. 

Flagship single and anthem 'Lost; Faraway' opens the closing straight with gusto, and you can't help but admire the energy that the band have poured into this record and their craft in general. Penultimate track 'Through Salt & Water' showcases the band's formula at its touching best, where indie meets metalcore somewhere on the same plane as the likes of Manchester Orchestra's COPE

'Witches' is a restrained and subtly haunting closer to this collection of tracks, and in some ways a fitting end to Alburn's first full length declaration of their existence. Its departure from the rest of the record simultaneously teases a different shade whilst appropriately winding due the rock machine to provide a suitable conclusion. Whilst the quartet may not making waves with this album, they are bound to be making old and new fans smile, and where's the harm in that? 

a l b u r n is available from iTunes and Bandcamp

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