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Bdy_Prts - Fly Invisible Hero

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Compared to the technicolour wonder of the recent video for 'Take It To The Top' in support of this record, the cover artwork is considerably subdued. Whilst it does indulge the apparent penchant of members Jill O’Sullivan and Jenny Reeve to adorn full costume. Thankfully the music contained within the hotly anticipated debut record of Bdy_Prts is bursting with colour rather than imploding in monochrome. 

Supported by the PRS Foundation's Women Make Music initiative, hopefully Fly Invisible Hero will reach the wide audience it deserves with greater ease. Anchored by early singles 'IDLU' and 'Cold Shoulders', presented alongside the more recent 'Rooftops' and 'Warrior', the wondrous finished product combines a touch of avant garde pop fun and a spattering of "whoa oh". 

Opening with 'IDLU' seems both appropriate and symbolic, as the track's ebbing and flowing sets the tone nicely, getting you comfortable for the off-beat pop spectacle to follow. What follows is 'Welcome', a measured yet melodic number, more rounded than its predecessor and rich in vocal harmonies which accent the whole record. The infectious 'Rooftops' isn't far behind, as the solemn yearning of the chorus somehow manages to simultaneously break your heart and shake your hips. Muted guitars and sass permeate old favourite 'Cold Shoulder', which provides a solid halfway marker. 

'Breathe (In)' slips seamlessly into 'Breathe', and track which leaves a trace of fellow Glaswegians CHVRCHES in your head, both through the vocals and atmosphere. 'Ghost In The Maze' is unsurprisingly the most haunting track on offer, as its pace and structure are minimised to perfect effect. In contrast, 'Warrior' is jubilant and celebratory, a tale of struggle that conjures images of vast landscapes and personal battles.  

Bringing Fly Invisible Hero to a close is '45', a slice of pure pop magic. It's snappy and catchy and any other cheesy adjective you want to use, many even cheesy would fit the bill. Whereas the rest of the tracks are laced with melody, the closer embraces the vibe with gleeful abandon. Ensuring that upon conclusion of your first, or tenth, listen that Bdy_Prts' debut record will make you smile. 

With the joy already on show however, that's simply the cherry on an already delicious cake. 

Fly Invisible Hero is available now from iTunes and Amazon

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