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The No-Things - Here Come The No-Things!!

  • Written by  Win Kulpicker


Working hard at it for over 24 months Edinburgh’s No-Things have fast established themselves as one of the city’s garage punk regulars. Gigging plentifully at both at home and abroad (the Paris suburbs were taken by storm at the end of 2016) they’ve built up a solid live act over the course of two consecutive Franklin Fest performances along with numerous shows either as headliners or in a supporting role to bigger or visiting acts.

Musos’ Guide has been on hand to catch the quartet live on a number of occasions, stretching back to their inception, so regular readers will be well aware of the regard in which we hold their on-stage antics (making us possibly a bit biased in our coverage …) but such an infectious group needs rightly praised for their total commitment in the live sphere.

Counting amongst their number an ex-Thane and a current BOF! Their pedigree is undeniable, leading to Germany’s mighty Soundflat Records offering them a deal last year. Here Come The No-Things!! is the resultant musical total of their time in the studio.  

Comprising 14 tracks Here Come The No-Things!! naturally contains the band’s current live set at this time, including the continual crowd pleaser ‘Who Did You Rob Bob?’ and 'Why Do You Love Me?' Garage songs are rarely known for their lyrical or musical complexity and the contents of 'Don't Get On My Tits' ably live up to that revered tradition.

The No-Things are by no means the first such band of their ilk to fall foul of not having their live sound replicated when in the studio but, when performance is so much a part of your whole schtik and on-stage wildness (often becoming off-stage wildness) you really need a sympathetic producer at the controls to compensate for the lack of visual distractions as well as to reproduce the raw musical edge such a propulsive band possesses when out in the open. Unfortunately, this time around, The No-Things have ended up with a work which is too cleanly produced to do their efforts ample justice. The general idea is there but overall it’s the band in embryo.

You can though appreciate the band in all their live glory at the album launch in Edinburgh on January 21 (full details here).

Here Come The No-Things!! is available from amazon & iTunes.

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