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Bronski Beat Remaster The Age Of Consent

Thirty five years ago, on September 12 1983, Bronski Beat, the standard bearers for an out and proud generation played an era-defining gig at legendary club venue and haven for gay Londoners, Heaven. September 12 2018 and London Records announce the release of a new and enhanced version of the band’s groundbreaking debut, The Age Of Consent, re-mastered from the original analogue tapes and available as a two CD set and picture disc. With the iconic artwork files long since lost London Records turned to Bruce Gill, whose father created the original designs, and along with his Dad redrew the album text and worked on a new layout for CD, vinyl and picture disc

Pop’s New Testament for British Gay Pride, The Age Of Consent arrived at a time when gay men were not just the foresworn enemies of the state but in the grip of a devastating new health pandemic, too.  Its release in 1984 was the same year US Secretary of State for Health Margaret Heckler identified the HIV virus as the cause of AIDS.

As Paul Flynn, journalist - and author of Good As You: From Prejudice to Pride – 30 Years Of Gay Britain - captures so articulately in the album’s revised sleeve notes - “The Age of Consent is a journeyman record, indivisible for the fight for British gay equality. It is every bit as brave and war-torn as Bruce Springsteen in all his blue-collar drag. It is a working-class record, a kitchen sink vignette, a sloganeering button badge, a protest banner at the front of a march and a pair of disco hot-pants rollerblading under the open legs of its enemy.”

Bronski Beat aka Jimmy Somerville, Steve Bronski and the late Larry Steinbachek were a new template for pop action.  Calling their album The Age Of Consent – which was 21 in 1984 – was a statement of intent and debut single ‘Small Town Boy’, a huge global hit, continues to resonate with today’s LGBT+ generation and remains a dance-floor staple.  Follow up ‘Why?’ and the line ‘You and me together fighting for our love,’ summarized the album’s entire, noble intent and by listing the ages of consent in every country around the world on the inside jacket, Bronski Beat took a skillful sideswipe at the body politic.  

The Age Of Consent is a rarity in musical history – a body of work that challenged the status quo and defined a generation.  As Jimmy Somerville writes in his contribution to the sleeve notes – “I’m proud of this album, very, very proud and also humbled by the power it still has to affect change in someone’s life.  So it wasn’t us that changed people’s lives, it was honesty.” Bronski Beat have launched a Mini-Website for fans to share their stories and memories of 'Smalltown Boy.’ Inspired by the many anecdotes shared on their social media pages the quotes will be used to make a video piece about the track. Please visit: bronskibeat.co.uk

CD1 Remastered Album and Bonus Tracks

1. Why? (Remastered)

2. It Ain’t Necessarily So (Remastered)

3. Screaming (Remastered)

4. No More War (Remastered)

5. Love & Money (Remastered)

6. Smalltown Boy (Remastered)

7. Heatwave (Remastered)

8. Junk (Remastered)

9. Need A Man Blues (Remastered)

10. I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me (Remastered)


Bonus Tracks

11. Why? (12” Version)

12. Smalltown Boy (12” Version)

13. It Ain’t Necessarily So (12” Version)

14. I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me (12” Version)


CD2 Rare And Unreleased Tracks

1. It Ain’t Necessarily So (Kid Jenson BBC Session)

2. Memories (Kid Jenson BBC Session)

3. Crazy Maraquitta (Kid Jenson BBC Session)

4. Why? (Kid Jenson BBC Session)

5. No More War (Demo)

6. Up and Down (Instrumental demo)

7. Heatwave (Demo)

8. Ultra Clone (Instrumental Demo)

9. Junk (Demo)

10. The Other Side Of The Tracks (Demo)

11. I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me (Rough Mix)


Bonus Tracks

12. Smalltown Boy (Reprise 2014)

13. Why? (Live at Stella Polaris)

14. Smalltown Boy (Arnaud Rebotini Remix)

15. Why? (Wax Wings Remix)

16. Smalltown Boy (KDA Pink Triangle Remix)




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