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Julia-Sophie Feels Numb Featured

Acclaimed and world-traveled anglo-french avant-garde electronic pop artist Julia-Sophie announces her debut solo album, Forgive Too Slow, with the ‘Numb’ lead single and video.

Previously she was signed to Universal Motown/Island as the frontwoman of Little Fish who toured the US with acts like Blondie, Courtney Love, and Juliette Lewis. She has also earned millions of streams as a member of Candy Says for songs featured in the films ‘Close (Netflix) and Burn Burn Burn. Her solo work sees her exploring a darker and more experimental electronic pop sound, with vulnerable lyrics informed by past breakdowns, relationships, motherhood, grief and self-discovery. The album features vocals from Noah Yorke.

The album is about relationships and what happens when we Forgive Too Slow and can’t break out of patterns from the past. The songs narrate her story of self-destruction , love, and loss.  By the end, embers are still burning and there is no telling if Julia-Sophie has found peace, but we do get a sense that she has gotten closer to the core of her being and is finally living authentically.

Forgive Too Slow will be released on July 26 via Brooklyn’s Ba Da Bing Records.

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