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Talking Violet - Tell Your Friends You Love Them (Album Review)

  • Written by  Johnno


I'm a positive person. A goddamn positive person, some might say. But I have a known penchant for keeping my favourite music dark and moody, heavy and low. Not metal heavy, but you feel the underlying, unspoken weight of the song. That kind of heavy, if you catch my drift.

If something ever catches my ear on the lighter side, I will indulge and follow it down like a musical rabbit hole. Hopefully it will lead me somewhere. Luckily, I didn't have to stray far from my town, (Windsor, Ontario) as local quartet, Talking Violet, have released their debut album, Tell Your Friends You Love Them.

I immediately have to congratulate the production of the record, because capturing dreamy guitar effects can be fickle. Having clean Fender guitar tones laced with delay and dissonance, will draw you into the hot air balloon ride, nestled into a wicker corner then be drifted up, up, and away.

The opening track, ‘Gold’, enters like a sleeper hit featuring singers and guitarists, Jill Goyeau and Jay Turnbull pairing vocals together.  Your immediate sense is to nestle inside a couch fort with your favourite blanket and pillow. Then soon after, Jill sirens her way through Indigo amongst sonically shimmery backdrops and into the third track, ‘Delusional’. Out of the 11 tracks on their debut album, I feel Talking Violet chose the best 3 songs of the bunch to open, essentially, the first act of the album. Not to say the others aren't as strong, but the Windsor quartet really put their best foot forward with the release. After multiple listens, I found that Goyeau's vocals work best over the shoegaze and their song's ethereal vibes, where Turnbull's strongest vocal performances are within the whispers distance. For being a young band, Tell Your Friends You Love Them is surprisingly mature and layered with their compositions, which makes the youthfulness of the lyrics feel out of place at times. The vibes are there. The space is present. The dreams are impending. The atmosphere is made for you and it is, indeed, comfortable. Let's look forward to this band's growth in the coming years.

7 / 10

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