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New Membranes Album Coming Soon

Membranes finally follow up their critically acclaimed universe-explaining 2015 album, Dark Matter/Dark Energy, which became the bestselling album in the band’s history. The new album, What Nature Gives…Nature Takes Away is a double album, using the band’s own 20-piece choir to juxtapose their dark drones and melancholic epic power across sixteen songs about the beauty and violence of nature. The album features guest appearances from the likes of Chris Packham, Shirley Collins, Jordan and Kirk Brandon, all dealing with various themes of nature. 

A diverse work with songs that vary from dark, brooding and cinematic choir-driven post-punk that seethe with nature, sex and death, the album has been described as sounding like Hieronymus Bosch paintings; discordant wild songs about crows, demon flowers, strange perfumes, voluptuous petals, voluminous oceans and treacherous seasons - the poetry of life and death. Musically it shifts from seething musical pulses to epic choir driven post-punk, from dark dub workouts and throbbing dirty disco dark wave, grinding bass driven apocalyptic visions to choir driven dark opera and brooding classical.

Inspired by the DIY aesthetic of punk rock and Buzzcocks Spiral Scratch EP, Membranes formed in Blackpool in 1977. They created their own distinctive bass driven post punk that was big influence on the underground scene and were John Peel and music press favourites before splitting in 1990. When one of their former support bands, My Bloody Valentine, asked them to reform for a festival in 2010 the band returned and recorded their most acclaimed and bestselling and played at festivals across the world.


A Strange Perfume (4.22)

What Nature Gives...Nature Takes Away (4.44)

A Murder Of Crows (3.04)

The City Is An Animal (Nature Is Its Slave) (4.44)

The 21st Century Is Killing Me (4.24)

Deep In The Forest Where The Memories Linger (6.02)

Black Is The Colour (5.17)

A Murmuration Of Starlings On Blackpool Pier (4.31)

Mother Ocean/Father Time (4.37)

The Magical And Mysterious Properties Of Flowers (3.47)

Snow Monkey (3.54)

Demon Seed/Demon Flower (3.43)

The Ghosts Of Winter Stalk This Land (7.43)

Winter (The Beauty And Violence Of Nature) (4.33)

Nocturnal (3.54)

Pandoras Box (5.28)



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