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Teddy And The Love Gang's Own Brand Of Weird

Oslo based, indie pop band Teddy and The Love Gang has, in a short time, developed a distinct and instantly recognizable sound, combining groovy, catchy melodies and the wonderment of a child with a dark and moody side that appeals to an adult audience without taking itself too seriously. Lead singer, Theo, has a magical charm that enchants his audiences into following him into their oddball universe.

His unique voice complements the syncopated rhythm that has become part of their identity. They revel in being a band that likes to play with contrasts to create tension in the music. The band is known for their playfulness on stage and their eccentric sound, free from the rules of any genre. The Tale of Kid Forest serves as one cohesive concept, chronicling the character Kid Forest’s journey through life. What a weird ride it will be…

In 2018, Teddy and The Love Gang released three critically acclaimed EPs. Though their individual musical upbringings and influences range from jazz and hip-hop to metal and classical, one thing they all share as an influence is the soundtracks of early video games.




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