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Moon Duo Announce Manchester Residency

Following the recent news that they will be headlining London’s Test Pressing Festival on April 27, Moon Duo have announced that they will be taking part in Samarbeta’s fourteenth artist residency, collaborating with Manchester-based visual projection artist Emmanuel Biard, whose work has become an integral part of the Moon Duo live show over recent years.

The project entitled Stardust Highway: Experiments in Stoner Disco, will use live music and video art to explore ideas about time, ritual, and the human desire to transcend material reality. Moon Duo will explore the conceptual commonalities between performance and ritual, with a focus on sonic repetition and the merging of particular human energies in the physical space shared by artist and audience. The live show will cultivate an experience that feels, in a sense, out of time, as it play with idioms of psych rock and dance music in a perception-shifting visual environment inspired by ‘70s discotheques and the psychedelic experience.

Moon Duo commented: “When we make a album we tend to approach the process with a specific conceptual underpinning in mind - the residency offers the chance to apply this approach to our live show as well. While we have always sought to have some kind of transformative visual component to our live performances, to change the space of the room we’re in, we have not in the past attempted to tie the components of the stage show to a specific album or concept. When we started working with Emmanuel he brought new depth and breadth to that aspect of our show; through the residency we’re hoping to deepen that artistic relationship by collaborating on a specific conceptual framework for a live show to reflect and interact with the ideas at work on our upcoming album.”

In 2017, Moon Duo released their most recent LP, the two-part psychedelic opus Occult Architecture via Sacred Bones; an intricately woven hymn to the invisible structures found in the cycle of seasons and the journey of day into night, dark into light. This album saw them tour extensively, including their largest London gig to date – a sold out show at Heaven. Moon Duo will return to the fold with new recordings later in 2019.

The project will take place from April 15 – 26 at Regents Trading Estate in Salford with a debut performance in the warehouse on Friday 26th April. Tickets are £15 and are on sale now. More info at http://www.samarbeta.co.uk/

Moon Duo live dates:

April 9-13 – Tremor Festival, The Azores

April 15-26 - Regents Trading Estate, SALFORD (Stardust Highway: Experiments in Stoner Disco)

April 27 - Test Pressing Festival, LONDON




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