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New Track From The Grey Merchant

Cork’s The Grey Merchant have made the closing track from their forthcoming album Avenue De Rennes available. It's called 'Never Give Up, Anything Is Possible'. The album is due for release at the end of September, and there is news of a lead single to follow in the next few weeks.

The new single follows 'Convenience'and ‘The Last Transmission’ which were both released earlier this year. The consistently high quality of the songwriting bodes well for Avenue De Rennes. Neon Atlas’ bassist Enda O’Flaherty and a collection of friends and fellow musicians release deliver a third single.

The Grey Merchant have drawn comparisons with classic noise and stoner rock, influences like Kyuss and Fu Manchu can be heard. The squalling guitars are part Kevin Shields and part Jonny Greenwood, with more than a little Billy Corgan thrown in. They are at times orchestral, at times indie tweeness, but always roiling and rollicking.


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