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Album Review: Max Tundra - Parallax Error Beheads You

  • Written by  Kenny McMurtrie

Twenty First Century Pop of the highest order. More bloops and bleeps than you can shake a stick at in the first song, 'Gum Chime', alone. Yes indeed - the first Max Tundra album in over six years is upon us and whilst dancing to it may earn you looks of concern, as if you were having a fit, it's definitely an enjoyable listen; particularly good for putting a smile on your face first thing in the morning.

Ben Jacobs has crafted 11 groovy little gems in more a polished style than that evinced on earlier releases to come up with a sound that is part Ben Folds, part Squarepusher-lite and all fun. Big themes are tackled here (any track called 'Until We Die' can't be frivolous all the time) but the bulk of the album is joyfully tuneful, especially on the stand out tracks 'Will Get Fooled Again' (good title), 'Nord Lead Three' and 'The Entertainment'.

This is yet another recent release where someone needs to explain the title, but it's certainly a combination of words to grab your attention. He's gotlive dates all the way through to March so catching him in your town shouldn't be hard - go do it when you need uplifting.

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